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Single Touch Payroll (STP)

The seamless way to meet your STP reporting requirements

All businesses from 1 July 2019 will need to be ready to submit a STP Pay Event report at the same time you pay your employees. 

We've made it as easy as possible with our free test environment.  It mimics what happens with the ATO and you'll be able to catch any errors before your first submission.

Your options for Single Touch Payroll

Through your cloud-based accounting software.

Our partners 

Small Employers

Through your payroll provider.

SuperChoice Partners with a number of Digital Service Providers

Mid-Size Employers

Go direct through SuperChoice
or via one of our partners.
A. Super Fund 
B. HR  Payroll System


Large Employers

Our advice is don't wait till the last minute.
Line everything up in the background ready to go-live sooner rather than later.



Single Touch Payroll explained

​SuperStream, Single Touch Payroll, and AllPay.

Did you know, the SuperChoice platform supports all your digital transactions? 

How long do you need to implement Single Touch Payroll?

You may be one of the lucky businesses with a deferral date but that doesn’t mean you should wait till the last minute.


SuperChoice has helped many businesses successfully submit their first STP Pay Event Report without a hitch. Don't underestimate what’s involved and risk non-compliance and fines. In our experience: 

  • Some businesses take up to three months to be STP ready.

  • When they use our test environment there are often errors with their data. Fields don't match ATO requirements and errors needing IT involvement may need extract parameters created.

  • Sometimes the fixes needed don't line up with your IT releases and you wait till the next development cycle, which may not be the same as your deferral date.